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Only one in the world. No one can mimic. 12 years of development & improvement in Japan from the production process of bulletproof glass.

G-power is a 100% glass coating. It protects the paint and surfaces from ACID rain, yellow sands and other hazardous substances. It is the first in the world
100% inorganic pure glass (SiO2) coating agent.

Adopted formally by Company F in Italy, Hinomaru Taxi, ORIX Auto, FamilyMart, Kobac(automobile safety inspection company), JU Tokyo product certifications, Truck-Ichi (used truck-store), Nankai-buhin (Motorcycle Store), and others widespreading.

Business hours Monday to Friday 10:00~19:00 TEL 03-6240-9985 Closed Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays