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Japanese real estate, a stable market

IFIS offers not only office building and condominiums but also hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes. Our field has a wide range of variations. In particular, we deal with projects in major cities in Japan like Tokyo (Ginza, Roppongi, Aoyama, Shibuya, Shinjuku etc.), Osaka, Nagoya, Hakata, Sapporo etc.
We offer popular quality properties.
In recent years investors that investing long term increases, Good yield and safety of Japanese properties may be the factor of long term possession.

In 2020 The Tokyo Olympic Games will be held. Looking at past examples of the London Olympic, Land value in the area where the Olympic Games held rises, various facilities were constructed and after the Olympics it is diverted into a highly convenient area.
The popularity of condominiums in the bay area is high right after the Olympic Games were settled, many inquiries are coming. It is said that inquiries are coming in other companies like we do. Currently, demands are rising at the bay area, where the land value is still stable or the land values that continues to rise like Chuo Ward, Minato Ward, Shibuya Ward, Shinagawa Ward, Shinjuku Ward because of its attraction to foreign investors.

Investment Income

Foreign investors in Western countries seem to expect profits from investment income. Now investment income are gaining attention among investors in Southeast Asian countries. The reason they focus on Japanese real estate is because yields are better than other countries.
The advantage of Japanese real estate yield is easy to understand by looking at the data comparing “cost per square meter” and “rent yield” of the same size apartment located in major cities of the world. According to Nomura Research Institute`s publication “NRI Financial Solution October 2014 issue”, In cities such as New York, Hong Kong and Paris, the cost per square meters is about 20,000 dollars and the rent yield is about 4%.

Meanwhile, Tokyo has a high performance of about 12,000 dollars cost per square meters and 5.5% yield. Comparing the cost per square meters and the rent yield like this in fact convince foreign investors that “Japanese real estate is reasonable”.
Overseas investors in Europe and the United States seeking investment income. And also, foreign investors from Southeast Asian countries. If yen depreciation continues in the future, Real estate acquisition will be accelerated and revitalization can be expected. Gap between interest rate and yield called “yield gap” (in japan) that has been popular before the Lehman shock is also promising.

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